Sunday Stew: Newday Dreamers’ live set on Moore Rock radio

Grand Central Magazine is proud to unveil “Sunday Stew,” a new live rock collaboration with Moore Rock Radio. The video segments will feature live sets and interviews with local bands.

In the debut episode, Newday Dreamers play a three song set, with interviews sprinkled in between. The Mount Pleasant band began making music in 2008 and have released two EP albums. Tracks from albums including 2011’s “A” are available for free download on Newday Dreamers’ website. The band also provides fresh tracks set to be released on their upcoming full length album. Newday Dreamers are scheduled to play with other local bands and open for Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers on Saturday, Feb. 16 at Hunter’s Ale House, 4855 E. Bluegrass Road.

Sunday Stew Episode 1: New Day Dreamers from Michael Bee on Vimeo.