Taking a Test You Aren’t Prepared For, according to Usher

Story by Paige Sheffield
GIFs courtesy of giphy.com

We’ve all been there, Chips.

You have a test coming up tomorrow in one of your hardest classes. You probably should’ve started studying sooner but you will for sure start studying today. When your friend asks you if you’ve started studying yet, you’re like, “Psh, I’ve got this.”

You run into your friend on campus the next day and she asks you “did you even study for that history test?” Gulp. You knew you were forgetting about something when you decided to watch Netflix and scroll through Twitter before going to bed…

Naturally, you try to study everything from the past two months in the 15 minutes you have before your class starts.

You get to class feeling pretty okay about this test. You more or less know what the lectures were about so you’ve talked yourself into being confident. You’re smart. It will be okay.

But then your professor says the test isn’t multiple choice and suddenly you’re taken aback. This changes everything.

Your professor hands you your test and you try to hide how nervous and unprepared you feel.

But suddenly your confidence is restored again because you know the answer to the first question. Wow. You’re killin’ it.

But then you get to the rest of the questions…

You probably should’ve studied. It’s clearly too late for that though. Now you decide to just guess because it’s better than not answering, right?

On the essay questions, you don’t really know what you’re saying but you keep writing in hopes that it will make you sound like you know what you’re talking about.

You look over your test again and give yourself a pep talk before turning it in. This one test isn’t everything.

You can feel your chance of getting a good grade in the class slipping away from you.

Then something shocking happens. When you get your test back, you find out you somehow passed. In the words of Usher, it makes you wanna say oh oh oh oh oh oh OH MY GOD.

You’ll actually study next time, you tell yourself.