#TBT: 1970’s Fashion

Though we are well into the new millennium, we are beginning to see many women’s fashion trends from the past making big comebacks. The ’80s high-waisted skirt and the ’50s tulle skirt are just a couple pieces from the past decades rediscovered in today’s fashion.

Although we see trends from decades past come and go, there is no question that the ’70s are currently taking over. Here are some looks from the groovy era that are popular today.

Bell Bottoms

These big-bottomed trousers are being seen in jean, polyester and even velvet form! They can give any modern outfit a disco touch (in a good way).

Platform Shoes

These shoes are an item that have been very popular throughout 2015 that were many women’s go-to-shoe back in the ’70s. Although sometimes difficult to balance in, these shoes look beautiful with just about any look.


Jean has been a beloved material throughout the past, but suede is having its shining moment. Suede is sometimes hard to work with, however always finds a way to turn a mediocre outfit into a fabulous ensemble.


A sleek item that is making its way back into the closets of modern women are jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are a nice pick because they are cozy, sleek and you don’t need to pick out a pant-shirt combo.


Many accessories such as fringe bags and big sunglasses are re-arriving from the groovy days. However, the most recent popular re-emerging accessory is the floppy hat. A fun and floppy hat can be perfect for a day at the beach or a night out with friends.