Teaching the Next Generation

The life of a farming family in Isabella County.

Teaching the New Generation

The Pasch Family bought their Beal City dairy farm 99 years age in 1910, now the farm is ran by Abe Pasch, his father Bob and his uncle Mike. The three menkeep themselves busy by harvesting 1,400 acres of corn and hay for cow feed,growing wheat and soy beans for profit, and milking and tending to 450 cows.

“My main job here on the farm is caring for the animals,” Abe Pasch said. “I really get excited when a new calf is born, I know those cows will grow to be our next set of milking cows,” Pasch added.

Pasch said he decided to keep farming as a means of keeping a family tradition alive, he and his wife Misty believe living on a farm will help teach their children Kelsey, Lauren, Jacob and Allison the importance of responsibility and show them the value of having a strong work ethic.

One of Abe’s goals is to show his only son Jacob as much about farming as he can to ensure the farming tradition will continue.

“I want to be a farmer when I get big,” said Jacob. Jacob likes to drive the tractor with his dad and feed the new born calves.

Abe said he’s happy with his life, because working on the farm allows him to spend more time with his family and allows him to stay and work closely with his father and uncle.