The Artform of Gaming: CMU’s Game Development and Design Club

Story by Sarah Wright
Feature photo via CMU’s Game Development and Design Club

Video games can have a lot of different interpretations depending on perspective. Whether gamers enjoy the classic platforming games, the RPGs, the co-op games, or just prefer basic app gaming experiences, anyone can find a game that fits to their needs. However, from a game development point of view, it might be harder to understand what exactly goes into making games, but it certainly is an interesting process.

At Central Michigan University, there is a special RSO known as the Game Development and Design Club, which specifically aims to teach people the inner workings of the gaming industry. On top of that, this RSO also portrays gaming as an art form.

The Creation Process
The basic synopsis of the process of creating games is starting with a concept, which then leads to production. Production consists of developing assets, coding and environment which then gives developers all the tools they need to put their ideas together. After that, you just have to fix it so it looks and runs the way you want it.

The president of the club, Molly Rossman, started the club her freshman year with two others who have since graduated.

“We made this RSO to create a gaming community on campus,” Rossman said.

Rossman is making games for research in the CPS (computer science department). Specifically, she’s working with HoloLens augmented reality, which is similar to the technology behind Pokemon Go. The research is aimed at making games for people with disabilities.

RSO Involvement

Within the club, everyone works on their own project and make their own games. Most of the people currently in the club are interested in pursuing game development as a career, as most are CPS majors or working towards some sort of programing degree and want to make games. However, anyone and everyone is allowed to attend club meetings.

“You don’t have to have experience,” Rossman said.

Video games might seem a bit too childish to take seriously, but gaming is the kind of media that can hold a larger impact on audiences as it gives them a more inclusive perspective.

“Everyone has a sense of play and games can be a reflection of that,” Rossman said.

Club meetings are held Wednesdays at 7PM in Pearce 402.