The GC Men’s Winter Look Book

Story by: Maggie McDougall
Photos By: Xavier Mendoza

Look #1: Pattern Clash


Brandon York is a fashion merchandising senior from Flint. His style is a mixture of sportswear and “whatever [he] is vibing with” at the time.

His bold mixtures of textures and fabrics reflect his complicated and unique personality, according to York. He likes to think differently and view the world through a different lens.

Look #2 Sophisticated Casual

Israel Mardion, 21, is a transfer student from Grand Blanc studying dietetics at Central Michigan University. He describes his style as cross of street and “preppy.”

He says his styles represents him because he likes to dress for success – he says he never knows who he could meet from to day to day.

Mardoin’s favorite places to shop include Urban Outfitters, Express, and Calvin Klein.

One person he takes inspiration from a GQ Insider, Brian Griffen, because he mixes street style and preppy clothes.

Look #3 Designer Inspired

Evan Jordan, sophomore, is a fashion major from Saginaw. He explains his style as a mixture between street style and high end designer. Jordan defines street style as more edgy and unique than other pieces.

Jordan’s fashion essentials include flannels and button downs, as pictured below. Mixing the street style of flannels with designer pieces, such as the Louis Vuitton bag pictured, is an example of his go-to style.

Jordan’s favorite brands include Zara, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Look #4 Camouflage Dreams

York showed off a second style that is one of his favorites: camouflage and distressed denim. The mixture of the two creates an edgy, street-style vibe.

York isn’t phased by what others think of his style. He dresses however makes him happy and hopes to inspire people in that way.

His style is constantly changing and he always is looking for diverse pieces.

Some of his favorite stores include H&M, Zara, thrift stores and Urban Outfitters.