The Miss Minerva Pageant Recap

Story by Silas Letter

Photos by Chad Novak and Silas Letter 

Last week, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon sorority sponsored a charity beauty pageant raising money for Hurley Children’s hospital in Flint, Mich.

The pageant included participants from many of the sororities on campus, each competing with each other in three main events; a fashion show, a talent show, and then a questionnaire where they are asked different questions from the hosts.

The pageant, which took place at the Bovee University Center, began with a fashion show where the participants showed off their dazzling outfits for the judges and the audience.

Following the fashion portion of the event, the participants took turns going on stage where they performed their various gifts for the pageant’s talent show.

The pageant concluded with a trivia contest where the hosts asked the participants numerous questions. Some questions were silly, others were serious.

Julia Kalusniak, Alyssa McNamara, Jordan Hyames, Madeline Morley, Sadie Kessler, Lauren Lewallen, Sarah Scott, Jordan Hatfield, Amanda Lewis and Liz Ferden sitting on stage during the questions portion of the pageant.