The People Called It “Ragtime”

Story and photos by Kendall Reid

Central Michigan Theatre and School of Music’s “Ragtime” was a glimpse into the history of America in the early 1900s. It follows three different stories that intertwine to tell an important lesson into the foundation of the American Dream. 

Although the story takes place in New York over 100 years ago the outcomes are based heavily on race and class much like they are today. 

The center of the set focuses on photographs from history, which help relate the actors to the original stories of those who chased the American Dream during this time period. 

“It’s a really important and timely show. It’s cool to see the cast make those discoveries and grow into the understanding of the show. It’s been a privilege to put it on,” said Assistant Director Claire Dettloff.

The cast, orchestra and production team are filled with talent. They execute the story effectively but gracefully.

Ragtime opens today, Nov. 6 and goes through Nov. 10. Tickets are available through CMU Ticket Central, at the door or by calling 989-774-3045. This is a show you don’t want to miss.