The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Love is in the air!

Valentine’s Day is the day that represents romance, passion and devouring a box of chocolates. Celebrating this day does not only involve spending quality time with your significant other, but as well as expressing how much you appreciate your family and friends in your everyday life.

Showing your appreciation for all the amazing people in your life can be tough, but Grand Central has you covered with some of the hottest gifts this year.

For Best Friend

Gift baskets

Gift baskets can be rather creative to design, and limitless to what goes in them. Not to mention your friends will enjoy unraveling the mysterious basket of gifts on Valentine’s Day.

You can personalize the basket filled with your besties interest, (their favorite makeup brands or even their favorite sports team). If you can’t decide which direction you would like to go in, purchase a little bit of everything.  Throw in a few romantic movies, a nice bottle of wine, candy for their sweet tooth and lots of chocolates.

No matter your choices when creating the basket they will praise you no matter what, you took the time to show them that you were thinking of them.

The thought is the most important part of giving a gift, and your friend will have a blast receiving a basket full of goodies just for them.

For Her

Dinner for two

Prepare your sweetheart’s favorite dish over a candlelit dinner. Taking the time to plan a romantic dinner tops going to a restaurant any day. Enjoying a meal together at home shows your loved one just how thoughtful you are, let alone being away from everyone else and focusing all of your attention on only each other.


Take the night to the next level by giving her flowers. Flowers are the most traditional and romantic thing that a man can ever give to a woman, any time of the year. A bouquet of roses signifies love and passion for your loved one. Giving her a beautiful arrangement of flowers is guaranteed to sweep her off of her feet.  


Diamonds are a girls best friend, everyone knows that! You can’t go wrong with showing your partner just how much you love them with a beautiful necklace, or a stunning pair of earrings. The infamous Kay’s Jewelry is having a sale this month with a special Valentine’s Day section. Browse through their site and do some jewelry shopping, with great discounts starting as low as $50 you do not want to miss it.

For Him


Picking up a nice set of cologne isn’t only for him, but for you as well. After all you get the chance to enjoy the scent and aroma in which you picked out specifically for him.

A top pick for this season is Calvin Klein’s limited edition gift set. This set comes with Calvin Klein’s four best sellers of all time; Eternity, Obsession, Euphoria and Eternity. Choosing this gift set gives a variety of different scents for him to choose his favorite line for only $40, which is definitely a steal.   

Smart Watch

Smart watches are the new trend this winter. Purchasing a smart watch can help your significant other keep track of his fitness and remain stylish at the same time. There are a variety of brands that produce different colors, designs and features, he’ll be happy to add this gadget to his collection. The best sellers this year are Fossil and Fitbit