The top 5 reasons to look forward to spring semester

Coming back to school after a month off can be difficult. Not to mention, the ever-challenging Michigan winter weather can be a motivation-killer. But never fear, the months ahead have more to look forward to than you may have thought.


1).  MLK Day is on Jan. 20. You know what that means? We are back to classes and enjoy our slacker syllabus discussions for a mere week and then we are already graced with a day off. A week that begins without that brutal Monday 8 a.m. lecture is the start to a great week.


2). The unpredictable weather we have been experiencing has caused Western Michigan University, Grand Valley University and Michigan State University to already have TWO snow days. Yes, TWO! Not to jinx our luck but there is hope that this winter may bring us blizzard-filled nights that lead to lazy school-less days.


3). The obvious highlight: spring break.  An entire week smack dab in the middle of the semester for us to clear our minds and get away from the busy school and work schedules that fill our day-to-day college student lives. Picture it now, palm trees, beach vibes, and the best part, no exams and late night study cramming.  Let the countdown to March 8 begin.


4). Right after our spring break comes to a close we get hit with perhaps my personal favorite day of the year: St. Patrick’s Day. If you didn’t get to travel to somewhere warm or at least filled with cocktails, you get to make up for it on March 17. Spring semester is already looking a bit lucky, am I right?


5). Last but not least, for all those seasonally depressed Michiganders, the sun will start to shine during spring semester.  (Well, we can hope so anyway.) Right now it may feel like winter is going to last an eternity but I promise it will end. We can cross our fingers and look ahead to the days of temperatures above zero.