Then vs Now: CMU Edition

Photos by Ja-Wan Gardner and Davaris Collier, Courtesy of Clark Historical Library and CMU’s Facebook Page

What lies in Central Michigan University’s campus is not only its changes, but the things that have remained the same. There is something quite special about nostalgic architecture— when in this day in age, the modern contemporary art style is taking over. Halls like Beddow and Sloan remain reminiscent of the mid-to-late 1900s, while Grawn and the courtyard between Pearce and Anspach have been modified with modern updates. Regardless, CMU remains beautiful at heart. 

McGuirk Arena

Picture of a Central basketball game.



Barnes Hall

Barnes Hall 1971


Sloan Hall

Football Stadium


Grawn Hall


Anspach and Pearce Courtyard


Beddow Hall


Graduate Housing