This Super Food is Rich in Taste and Benefits

Acai (assa-eye) has not only been commonly mispronounced over the years, but the popularized berry has many health benefits that have been ignored.

This berry has made it’s way into vitamins, dietary supplements, beauty products, juices and even mixed drinks.

So what makes the acai berry popular among many? It’s a super food. And, one you don’t want to miss out on.

Grand Central has compiled a list of benefits that this small, but mighty, berry has to offer.

Digestion Help

A good detox can put anyone in the right mood. And, acai berries possess detoxification qualities. There are many detoxes that include acai to cleanse the digestive system. The food is high in fiber and helps maintain a healthy weight. Studies show the pulp from the berry can reduce the negative effects of high-fat diet. Acai berry is the perfect natural weight loss aid.

Heart Health 

We’ve all heard of antioxidants and know just how essential they are for a healthy heart. Acai berries are rich in antioxidants, having the ability to lower cholesterol levels, prevent blood clots and improve blood circulation. The berry holds anthocyanins that keep cells strong against free radicals and protects our cellular system.

Skin Care

Many beauty products are starting to contain acai oil. Whether applied on the surface of your face or ingested, acai berries can give you the glowing complexion you’ve always wanted. Also, the super food has anti-aging effects.

Immune System Boost

Rich with vitamin C and ellagic acid, acai berries are an immune system booster. Studies show acai reduces cancer cell proliferation by over 50 percent. Note, acai is not a cure for cancer but it’s said the berry can kill off tumorous cells before multiplying. This powerful food is also said to be resistant to harmful organisms.


We all need energy. Whether it be in the morning, during final exam week or on a weekend night out, acai berry can give you energy. Because of all its health benefits, taking acai can increase levels of energy and stamina. A few of these berries will surely give you the energy you need.