Through Their Eyes: How Study Abroad Changed Two Students

Story by Bianca Jenkins 

Photos via Cameron Lee & Whitney Johnson 

Central Michigan University offers a study abroad program in over 40 countries, allowing students to go just about anywhere they would like. Over 600 students a year have taken this opportunity to experience the world and study in a new way.

A picture taken by Cameron Lee during his time in Ireland.

Junior Cameron Lee, from Kingsley, Mich., is currently studying abroad in Ireland. In August, Lee left for a 16-week trip to study physical chemistry, sociology, Irish history and Irish politics.

“The people are extremely nice and overall the country is just absolutely beautiful,” Lee said.

A picture taken by Cameron Lee during his time in Ireland.


He tells other students to just enjoy their time.

“Make sure you are prepared for how long you will be there but remember not to over plan. Everything will work out once you get to your destination.”

Whitney Johnson from Bloomfield, Mich., a marketing major, had the opportunity to spend some time in Italy.

During the 2017 spring semester, Johnson spent three months in Italy. There she studied history, food and wine, communications and art.

She says books can only tell us so much about a culture, and that experiencing it is amazing.  Her favorite memory from her time in Italy was meeting other abroad students, traveling Europe with them, and trying different foods.

“Don’t want. Do. Studying abroad is such an amazing opportunity that few take advantage of,” she says. “Trust me, I was so nervous to live in a different country. But once you get there emerge yourself into the culture, travel, and create those memories. They will become some of your best ones.”

A picture by Whitney Johnson from her time in Italy.