Top five autumn must haves


Have you noticed the change in the weather lately? Autumn is quick on its arrival, and it’s time to prepare with the appropriate attire! Try these 5 autumn fashions to transition into the season.


  1. Scarves

Scarves are a great way to add flare to your outfit as you bundle up against the autumn chill. One of the best ways to bring some light to the environment as the sun fades is to do so through your scarves. Yellows, reds, oranges and neutrals are popular colors for the season; adding pinks, cool blues, and even violets will brighten up your attire, and your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to wear scarves in colors that are a clear contrast to the rest of your attire!


  1. Leather Boots

Boots continue to be a popular way to finish off an outfit. Adding boots to your attire can make a simple outfit very chic. Try pairing your riding boots with a pair of black skinny jeans or yoga pants, and a simple long-sleeved shirt. Booties can also add a stylish edge to skirts and dresses!


  1. Cardigans

Cardigan sweaters have a great capacity for freshening up your favorite outfits, and they are must-haves for cooler weather.  Sweaters can be worn in a variety of outfits. They can warm up tank tops, dress-down formal dresses and skirts, and even dress-up your jeans! Try incorporating a cardigan sweater into one of your go-to outfits, and experiment with new outfits, as well.


  1. Oversized Sweaters

Oversized sweaters continue to gain popularity with their significant exposure last fall. Their contrast in size when worn with leggings or yoga pants makes for both a comfy and appealing look. When wearing your oversized sweaters this season, try pairing them with other fall fashions, such as boots and scarves.


  1. Beanies and Berets

Beanies and berets are also popular for cooler weather! These accessories allow you to wear hats but still remain in style, which makes them great accessories to add to your fall wardrobe. For a feminine, chic look, try wearing them with curled or wavy hair. Also, accessorizing short hair with a beanie or a beret can definitely add edge to your look!