UnConnect and ReConnect: The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

We all do it. Some of us more than others. But regardless, we avoid direct interactions.

Maybe it’s because of our personality types or because of technology, but whatever the reason may be, there needs to be a change.

I am one to make phone calls rather than send text messages. I am one to schedule in-person appointments rather than send out emails with questions. I am one who loves to communicate with those around me. I strongly believe in direct interactions and quite frankly, I prefer them.

However, I do occasionally get in the “I don’t feel like talking, so I’m going to stare at my phone and pretend I’m busy” mood. After all I am human, and more specifically, I am considered a millennial.

While I avoid talking to someone on the rare occasion, that is not the case for a majority of people, and it should not be this way. We should be eager to communicate directly and not just through  email, text messages, Facebook comments, etc. While I do believe social media is a key tool in networking and meeting people, technology cannot be our only source to interact.

The amount of times I’ve seen my own family, friends, colleagues and many more people, disregard a direct interaction is ridiculous and completely un-called for, literally.

So, yes when you see a random number calling you, answer it. When you have a few questions in a class, go to your professor’s office hours. If you are attending a work meeting or event, introduce yourself. I mean, God forbid you meet someone that benefits your career. And, even if you find someone attractive from across the bar, go say hi, what’s the worst they will reply with, hi back?

It’s time we all unconnect and reconnect, because if you can’t hold a face-to-face conversation, let alone a phone call with a random number calling you – who in fact could be that job you applied for – oh wait, but they didn’t leave a voicemail. Yeah, who cares you just missed out on an opportunity. Congratulations.

I say, there is no debate about this matter. There isn’t a single opposing reason to disregard direct interactions.

By all means, if you can think of a conflict – tell me. But don’t just post about it, let’s meet up and talk it over.