Update: Tavola-Gigi’s closer to liquor license

Local Italian restaurant Tavola Gigi’s is one step closer to owning a liquor license after the Mount Pleasant Planning Commission approved the owner, Georgianne Gennette-Zavaglia’s, request for a Special Use Permit on Thursday, April 7.

When it comes to the focus of the restaurant, Gennette-Zavaglia is all about the food, but says she needs the liquor license in order to compete with other restaurants in town, and to add an important element to their Italian meals.

“Pasta without wine is like a heart without love,” Gennette-Zavaglia told the committee while explaining why a liquor license would improve her restaurant.

The big question the committee had about the restaurant obtaining a liquor license was whether or not it would remain solely a sit-down restaurant, or if the intent is to have a new place for customer’s to congregate and order only beer and liquor.

“Our intent is not to have a bar,” Gennette-Zavaglia said.  “The purpose is to sit down, have pasta and a glass of wine with it.”