Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for both singles and couples

What exactly symbolizes Valentine’s Day?  Besides the sense of love and caring, Kortnee Henski, a sophomore from Holland, says “red and pink.”

Pink and red have long been signature colors of Valentine’s Day, and both men and women can get satisfaction from sporting them on Feb. 14.

Lighter shades of pink tend to give off a sense of innocence, while deeper shades can incite flirtation.  It adds a sweet and innocent overtone when worn by women, and attracts women to the few men who seem to want to wear it.

Not shying away from the color is an easy way for men to accent an outfit.  For formal events, pink ties or bowties are potential crowd-pleasers.

Wearing a pink shirt tends to attract attention. Consider using this tactic if you are single and looking for a bit of attention at a Valentine’s Day party.  Red, alternately, is the color of passion. Use red to make a different kind of statement.

Bold red lips, red pumps, or a little red dress are great ways for women to evoke passion through their ensemble.  Red is bold for men as well. Men should consider wearing a red dress shirt as the statement piece of their ensemble.

Though pink and red dominate on Valentine’s Day, they shouldn’t steal all of the attention.  Farmington Hills sophomore Tyler Kus’ girlfriend’s favorite color is purple, so he plays on that on Valentine’s Day.

“When taking her to dinner, I always rock a purple dress shirt, along with my purple plaid bowtie,” Kus said.

While color is important, other elements also contribute to achieving a great Valentine’s Day outfit.

“Lace is always fun, too,” Henski said.

The subtle amount of skin shown through lace sleeves, coupled with the intricate designs that can be found, have the potential to attract much interest.

“It’s gotta’ be flirty,” says Tori Brattain, a freshman from Grand Rapids.

Brittain says showing much skin is not necessary, but an ensemble that complements one’s figure is tasteful.  Thus, a form-flattering dress with a lace overlay is one decision to consider.

Incorporate lace by choosing an ensemble that includes lace sleeves, or an overlay of lace on the bell of a dress or skirt.

Men may have to search for ways to incorporate lace into their Valentine’s Day attire.  However, because this is so seldom done, a lace element in men’s dress could definitely be intriguing to women.