Vegetarian v. Vegan

Learn the difference between the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.

The human body operates very similarly to a car; it takes fuel to make it go and then exports the waste afterwards.

With a car you use gas and get rid of carbon dioxide, but with the body you take in food and get rid of your excrement. Unlike a car, though, the body can use many different types of fuel to make it go, where a car has only a few options: diesel, unleaded and super.

With the body having all these options for fuel in the form of food, there also comes very different makes, models and colors.

Some of those models include: the all-American carnivore, freeloading junk food addict and the grease loving fast-food fan.

For those that are a bit more sensitive and conscious about what they put in their bodies, there are two green options they can chose from: vegetarian or vegan.

Choosing the vegetarian option is the least extreme of the two and would seem to require the least amount of work.

Very simply put, a vegetarian does not eat meat but will consume products that come from animals, such as dairy and eggs. A vegan takes the vegetarian diet to the extreme, cutting out all dairy products.

Their diets are made up of eating things like fruits, vegetables and grains.

With absolutely no meat whatsoever in a vegan’s diet, a major question arises: what do they eat for protein?

Protein is a little enzyme that binds to muscle tissues and helps make them stronger, which people for the most part get from eating meat, dairy and eggs.

Vegetarians can get their protein from things like milk, cheese and eggs, which all come from animals. Vegans, on the other hand, have to rely on different fruits and vegetables for their source of protein, like beans, soy, and nuts.

But things get confusing concerning vegans because certain meatless food ingredients are processed using things that come from animals.

Refined sugar, for example, does not contain anything that comes from an animal, but in order to get it to its correct form, sugar is processed using animal bone char to make it white.

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