Ways to cheer up a grey day

As you all know by now and have been experiencing, Michigan is in it’s transitional period from an extended winter to a highly anticipated spring. This means an onslaught of rain and gloomy days. Most people despise the rain and may feel a bit down because of it, but not you because you’ve got these suggestions on how to enjoy and perk up a rainy day.

Even the smallest perks can make your day if you stay with it.

It might already be raining outside but you have nothing to lose today. Need a little advice? Go bold! Of course you have to dress smart to avoid being soaked, but there’s no need to over bundle and lose yourself in a cluster of  ‘just to stay dry layers.’ Why not try one of those cute spunky up-do hairstyles you always wanted to try, and pair it with a fierce dramatic lipstick shade (something like a deep red color) and a semi-natural eye shadow. Add a cute hair accessory like a bright flower clip or your favorite rhinestone headband to your hair, to turn that rainy day run into a a little rainy day fun.

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Even better.

Being rained in doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This could be the perfect time to do the things you’ve been waiting on. You can put a little cheer in your drear by trying something new. A rainy day is the perfect time to try out new hair styles, make up tips, and even pamper and prep your self for the next day. One great way to brighten a rainy day is to have a good old fashion sleepover with a few friends.

Order a pizza or dust off that old cook book from that one garage sale you went to last fall, and look up a recipe or two. Have a girls’ night in and do a few mani/pedi’s and try a home made facial.

Want a surefire way to perk that rainy night right up? Ask yourself this, “What is better than a dash of romantic comedies and handful of childhood movies?” The answer is nothing! There is no way you can indulge in a treat, have a few spa treatments, and watch some feel-good movies and not turn your rainy day into yay. This will certainly make you change how you see them.

These are just a few tips to keep you bright on a groggy day, but remember just because the sky is grey doesn’t mean your day has to be!