Welcome Back Chips – How Students Prepare For Spring Semester

Story and photo by Alexis Thompson

It’s that time of year again; spring semester. Winter break just ended and everyone is getting back into the swing of things.

The first week of classes has officially started, and everyone prepares a little differently. Whether it’s self-care, organizing and planning or reading the syllabus, there are many ways to get through the first week of spring semester.

Junior Nick Raymond gets through the first week by checking Blackboard and going over the syllabus for all of his classes.

“Sunday night I check Blackboard to make sure I’m prepared for class and not missing anything. It’s good to go over the syllabus for class, too,” Raymond said.

Junior Kenz Clark has a couple different ways to get through the first week back.

“I go through all of my class syllabi’s and write down all of my due dates, exams and anything important in my planner,” Clark said. “I also write down all of my professors office hours and office locations.”

Clark also likes to focus on self-care by getting into a gym routine for the semester.

“I’ve noticed that if I keep myself in a consistent routine, I thrive throughout the semester,” Clark said.

Senior Alexis Brownlie likes to always stay organized and make sure she’s prepared throughout the entire week.

“I write in my agenda what time my classes are and where they are. Then, I take a self-love shower and do my night-time skin routine,” Brownlie said.

Brownlie also said it’s important that she does a nice stretch before bed and a good night sleep in order to prepare for the next day.

During the first couple weeks of the semester, it’s important to be prepared and always stay organized. Like Clark, having a consistent routine can make you feel motivated and have a productive week and semester.