What Not To Wear: Weekend parties

It’s Friday night, and you’re ready to hang out with your friends. Just like any other night out, you like to meet new people, have fun and listen to your favorite music. Even though getting ready seems easy at the time, one little piece of clothing can send the wrong message of being cute or being trashy. Here are a couple tips on what not to wear on a night out.

Limit the amount of skin you show when going to the club. I’m not saying you should always wear a sweater and some jeans, but simply know your limits.  For example, you shouldn’t wear a crop shirt when you have excess body weight in your stomach area and mini shorts that show things that don’t need to be shown.  It may be in your size, but it doesn’t mean the outfit is for your body type.

For another example, people with a slim frame should not wear overly tight-fitted clothing, because it could look like they have no shape.

“You shouldn’t wear too high or too low of a heel,” Detroit freshman Aleggra Porter said. “If you don’t know how to wear them, don’t put them on.”

You should always dress accordingly to your body size. All body sizes are beautiful, but we all should show our beauty in different ways.

This is for the fellas; females aren’t the only ones to make the wrong decisions when it comes to going out.

“Thermal are not (OK) in parties because of all the heat inside,” Redford freshman Sterling Jordan said.

Another thing a guy should not wear are tight skinny jeans, with any body type. Straight leg jeans are appropriate, but when everyone can see your junk, it’s time to loosen up. Sweatpants may be comfortable, but put them to the side when you’re going to a party. You’re going to a party not to the gym; dress like you want to be there.