Last minute DIY Halloween costumes

Looking for a last minute Halloween costume? Here are some ideas that you won’t have to run around town and empty your wallet for.

Minnie Mouse:
Get a red and white polka dot skirt ($15 on, a black shirt ($12 on, black shoes ($35 at JCPenny), and, of course, a pair of Minnie Mouse ears ($6.39 on


Where’s Waldo?:
Find a pair of blue leggings ($12 on or jeans ($35 at Kohl’s), a red and white-striped sweater ($29 on, and a red and white-striped hat ($9.99 on If you have a pair of glasses, you can wear those as well.


Katniss Everdeen:
Pair black leggings ($18 on with a brown shirt ($7.90 on, a black jacket ($40 at Target), black combat boots ($28 on and a mockingjay pin (99 cents on If you have a small bow and arrow, you can use those as props.


Photo credit: Polyvore designs by Laura Ducharme