What’s Your Fashion Aesthetic?

Story and photos by Camryn Smith

Social media has had an impact on many people’s lives. It’s a tool that can be used to get news, food recipes, makeup inspirations and influences fashion. Women’s fashion is influenced by aesthetics and trends.

There are different categories of fashion aesthetics for women. Here are some examples of different fashion trends based by aesthetics:

E-girl/Alternative/Street Wear

Social media platform Tik Tok helped this aesthetic gain more popularity. The type of clothing worn for this aesthetic include layered shirts, baggy pants, chains or layered jewelry, sneakers and a hat or beanie. Black or other dark-colored clothing is the classic scheme for alternative wear.

“My influences for fashion would be streetwear I see on Pinterest,” Central Michigan University freshman Izzy DeMers said. “I still like to have my own style instead of following all the trends on Tik Tok.”

Preppy/Business Casual

This aesthetic can help anyone look professional. Blazers, button ups, slacks and plaid are popular in preppy wear.


Boho and cottage-core aesthetics use earthy, neutral tones as its color scheme. The one difference between the two is bohemian style sometimes has tie dye, flared pants and other “hippie” elements to its aesthetic.

While cottage-core has a frilly, girly style. This includes mid length skirts and scalloped shaped tops.

“I would describe my fashion aesthetic as feminine/boho because I usually go for earthy tones and neutrals,” CMU freshman Katherine Host said.

Insta Baddie

Fashion trends in this aesthetic are composed of clothing popular Instagram influencers wear. Types of clothing include: bandeau/wrap tops, mom/boyfriend jeans, air force ones and lots of jewelry. The “Insta Baddie” fashion can sometime be viewed as a trendier style.


This style of clothing consists of comfortable clothes such as leggings, crop tops, sweatshirts and zip ups. This aesthetic is easy to dress up by adding and layering jewelry and clothes.

Everyone has their own style that can be influenced by social media and celebrities. Each aesthetic has their own trends that anyone can follow. What’s your aesthetic?