Why a Mount Pleasant Family Opened a Juice Bar and Spa

Story by Lexi Carter 

Photo by Hailee Kaske 

Five people – one big dream.

That’s all it took for the idea of a Mount Pleasant smoothie bar and health center to begin to blossom. After 11 months of hard work, preparation and designing, Pure Vitality opened their doors three weeks ago to the public.

Located downtown, Pure Vitality offers a full service juice and smoothie bar, along with a spa in order to truly help their customers feel relaxed. Parents Doug and Laurie work along side their children, Mitch, Korynne and Grant. The Perry family says they didn’t create this business in order to turn a profit, but instead to truly help their customers start living a more healthy lifestyle.

Korynne Perry, daughter, loves the services that they are able to offer those who are in the community.

“We’re just very health conscious,” Korynne said “We’ve had to travel so far to the different locations to use them, and they’re all different locations but we wanted to do like one area and have it all. Sometimes people think that being healthy is so hard but it doesn’t have to be and we saw there was a need for it here.”

Mitch Perry agreed, saying he hopes that Pure Vitality will be able to help boost the health of the community.

Pure Vitality aims to offer an easy and convenient way to live a stress free lifestyle while staying healthy.

“We just want to spread the knowledge about the power of health and healthy lifestyles,” Grant Perry said. “A lot of the time we don’t get the nutrients we need, we don’t get near enough fruits and vegetables so the juices and smoothies can increase your energy levels a lot.”

Grant made it clear while they want to have a successful business, they are more interested in making a positive impact on the community and making sure everyone feels like can start to turn their health around.

“We just want to spread positivity and good health to the community, just make an impact,” Grant said. “A lot of times people can think ‘oh being health is expensive’ but in the long run, is it really? Because you’re saving on so much health costs.”

Mitch agreed, claiming a large goal they have is to allow the community the ability to receive the nutrients they need everyday in a convenient and tasty way.

“A large number of people don’t get the fruits and vegetables they need everyday,” Mitch said. “So we’re just trying to help the people in our community to get all the fruits and vegetables they need to live a healthy life. It’s preventative medicine just trying to nip whatever their health issue is in the butt. They say that stress causes a lot of sicknesses, so our goal is to help people eliminate the stress from their lives with our services, they’re very relaxing services too.”

On top of the juices and smoothies that are offered, Pure Vitality offers relaxing spa amenities that anyone can enjoy. Infrared massages, float pods and infrared saunas are all offered at Pure Vitality in order to ensure that the community has a place to relax at an affordable price.

“We wanted to make it affordable to everyone in the area, college students too, to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to live life well,” Mitch said.

The Perry family wants the whole community to feel like Pure Vitality is a place to come and relax with friends or even alone. Whether it’s to come and do your homework or to just sit and enjoy the day, this family owned business offers something for everyone to enjoy.

“People can come here and relax and study,” Grant said. “Our juices give you a lot of energy. Unlike coffee, you’ll drink your coffee and you might stop to feel tired by the end of your study, but our juices will keep you more energized and you won’t crash. It’ll help you focus here.”