Wine Wednesday: Eight things to do with wine corks

Drinking wine has many perks. From catching a solid buzz to bonding with your friends, there’s always something good that comes along with opening a bottle.

But what happens when the bottle runs empty? Most people just toss it away, including the most important part – the cork. Instead of throwing it away, consider making something Pinterest-worthy out of it.

1. Make coasters

These coasters are the perfect do-it-yourself craft that will recycle corks while putting them to good use.

2. Make 3D letters

Putting your initials on the wall is a fun, easy way to spice up your apartment walls.

3. Make wine glass labels

Making sure no one sneaks a sip of your wine can be a tricky task when you’re drinking with friends. Labeling your glass with cork charms is a creative way to make sure your wine isn’t touched (unless by you, of course).

4. Make a new bath mat

Similar to bamboo bath mats, cork mats provide cushion and comfort when stepping out of the shower. With only three required materials, this craft can be done in no time.

5. Make commemorative key chains

Celebrating special times with friends and family can be some of the greatest memories we share during our lifetime. An easy way to keep these memories sacred is by saving the wine corks from bottles shared and marking them with specific dates. Turning these corks into small key chains is a nice reminder of those priceless memories shared.

6. Make a secret USB

Technology can be dull when it comes to design. Switch things up with a storage holder in disguise.

7. Create a cork journal

Collecting corks from each bottle you pop open can be an exciting way to remember your nights out with friends, or a cozy night in with your significant other. Save these corks in a mason jar and you have a unique journal of specific moments shared that involved your favorite wine.

8. Make them into candles

Tired of running to Bath & Body Works when you’re out of your favorite candle? No worries. Try making homemade (and much cheaper) candles that are sure to create a warm ambience.