Wrapping Up Long Boarding Season in Style

Longboard 2Is it just us or are long boarders, skate boarders, and rollers the coolest looking kids on campus? Admit it, we constantly watch them cruise down the street wishing to obtain their finesse and grace.

However, as the temperatures continue to drop, long boarding season is seemingly coming to a close. But before the boards retire, we would like to provide a last hoorah for the slick mode of transportation.

Junior Derrick Lewis let us get a glimpse of his long board style. Lewis’s pintail board consists of a psychedelic monstrous graphic, which is conveniently available at Wal-Mart. The board set cost him around $100, which is a swell price for a board of quality and design.

The different board constructions to choose from are PintailTraditional CruiserFlexible Drop Through and Commuter Style. It is important to choose these boards just like Harry chose his wand – by how you feel when you ride it. For example, a Drop Through would be perfect to use if you are commuting to campus and provides more speed and less kick push power.

In order to be a successful long boarder, one must maintain balance while carrying a backpack full of books. Lewis’s backpack is a great example not only because of it’s wicked style but also for it’s life saving functionality. With the additional strap in the front, Lewis doesn’t have to worry about constantly adjusting.

“This backpack is perLongboard 1fect because the front strap helps maintain balance while I’m riding to class,” Lewis said.

This backpack is highly recommended if you want to keep the peace with gravity and keep your books.

To accent his board and backpack Lewis is wearing a white 10Deep T-shirt, a pair of dark green pants completed with a pair of orange and white Nike’s. We love the complete look and edgy style from head to toe.

It’s never too late to snatch a board of your own. Shop brick and mortar like Lewis at Wal-Mart or online at Zumiez. A cheaper option? Add it to your onto Christmas list and be set for spring.

At the end of the day an edgy board that displays personality is the perfect addition to any boarder outfit.



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