Your mom wasn’t joking when she said to take your vitamins

With spring break right around the corner, it’s important to keep up on your daily vitamin intake so unexpected sickness doesn't ruin your getaway.

(Photo Illustration by Evan Sorenson | Grand Central Magazine)

Every year right around this time, everyone is sanitizing, washing their hands, and labeling their foods in order to avoid falling victim to the flu epidemic.

While these preventative measures are helpful, incorporating more vitamins into your diet could be just the thing to save you from not only the flu, but also many common illnesses.

Below are a list of each of the essential vitamins and what you can gain from them:

Vitamin A:  extremely important for maintaining a healthy immune system, as well as healthy skin and eyes.

Where to find Vitamin A: Look for foods like sweet potatoes, apricots, broccoli and mangos.

Not enough Vitamin A can lead to: Skin appearing dry and uncomfortably tight, also, a quick decline in visual ability.

Vitamin C: extremely important to help ward off potential illnesses. This vitamin keeps the immune system strong and cells armed to fight off infection.

Where to find Vitamin C: Citrus, citrus, citrus! If you are a fan of fruit, you are one step ahead because citrus is the host of a huge amount of vitamin C. You can also find this in some vegetables, like green peppers.

Not enough Vitamin C can lead to: heightened chances of contracting illnesses since your immune system will be weakened, as well the slow healing of any injuries that might occur.

Vitamin D: extremely important for both the growth and strengthening of bones.

Where to find Vitamin D: You can find the most vitamin D in dairy products, especially milk, but there are other alternatives, like mushrooms and fish.

Not enough Vitamin D can lead to: Bone loss or weakening which can eventually lead to serious medical conditions, such as osteoporosis.

Vitamin E: similar to vitamin C, this vitamin is imperative for a healthy immune system. It can also help to prevent blood clots that can be detrimental to your overall health.

Where to find Vitamin E: Nuts and greens are the most common forms of this vitamin.

Not enough Vitamin E can lead to: an immune system unable to fight off illnesses, muscle soreness, and blood clots.

Take your vitamins!

It is clear that all of these vitamins are essential to your health and well being, and the lack of them can lead to serious medical complications.

With the added benefits of a strong immune system, a higher energy level and stronger bones, there’s no reason to not incorporate vitamins into your diet.

And, with spring break right around the corner, it’s imperative to keep up on your daily vitamin intake so the trip you’ve been looking forward to goes as smoothly as planned, no unexpected sickness!

Even if it’s popping a multi-vitamin every day before you go to work or class, these small steps can help you from contracting that dreaded winter illness.

So, what does this all mean to you?

You’ve read the research and understand the health concerns, so what you can do to change? Well, it’s simpler than you think.

Try challenging yourself to eliminate one unhealthy thing from your diet and replace it with one of the five foods and beverages below that will boost your vitamin intake:

–      Almonds

–      Green Tea/Herbal Tea

–      Oranges

–      Broccoli

–      Yogurt