15 Life Saving Beauty Hacks

Whoever said being a girl is easy definitely never walked a mile in our shoes (or Stilettos). Although our routines may seem effortless, we know they are nothing short of an obstacle course.

These beauty hacks will simplify the various beauty processes in our busy lives. And if you use them, we promise not to tell!

Rejuvenate Dry Makeup Wipes

After a night out, the only thought upon arriving home is taking off all that makeup. If you’re ever faced with the dilemma of dry makeup wipes, don’t worry. Run the dried-out wipe under some water until it’s damp. All of the makeup removing power will be restored to make your skin clear and bright.

Moisturize Chapped Lips

Dry, chapped lips are nearly unavoidable during winter months. Instead of investing money into lip scrubs, use a spare toothbrush to exfoliate. A scrub and a clean toothbrush, followed by some lip balm, will restore your lips completely.

Secure Bobby Pins 

Got ninety-nine bobby pins, but can’t find one? Us too. But, for the ones you do have, give a light spritz of hairspray to your pins prior to styling for all-day hold.

Limited Shaving Cream

Running out of shaving cream is extremely frustrating, unless you’re participating in No-Shave November and in that case, more power to you. But, if you find yourself in this hairy situation, just grab your conditioner. Conditioner helps soften hair and provides the same protective benefits as shaving cream.

Extend the Shelf Life of Mascara

Extend the life of your mascara and avoid pumping the wand into the tube. This motion allows air into the tube, causing the formula to dry up. Wiggling the wand within the tube will yield the same amount of product and prolong the life of your mascara.

Revive Dried-up Mascara 

If your mascara is dried up, don’t throw it away! Place the mascara tube in a glass of hot water and allow it to sit for about five minutes. The heat will loosen up the formula and allow for a few more uses.

Lengthen Your Lashes

If you feel like your eyelash curler isn’t doing much, try heating it up. Apply heat to the eyelash curler with your blow dryer (testing the temperature on your wrist first!) The heat will help hold curl, making for flawless lashes.

Avoid Mascara Flakes

Mastering the perfect smoky eye only to destroy it with excess mascara is our worst nightmare. To avoid those unwanted mascara flakes, hold a spoon or business card behind the lashes to guarantee mascara is only applied to the lashes.

Natural Beauty

For a more natural look, apply cream blush before foundation. This will emulate the look of naturally rosy cheeks.

Transition Your Foundation

Rather than buying a new foundation every season to match your skin tone, transition your current one. As that summer tan begins to fade, mix a small amount of moisturizer with your foundation to create a lighter shade.

Streaky Liner

No one has time to correct streaky liner. To avoid smudges throughout the day, use a small, angled brush and apply a matching colored shadow anywhere liner was applied. This intensifies the look while setting it in place.

Avoid Lipstick Teeth

Before leaving the house with those dark, sultry lips, place your finger in your mouth and then pull it straight out. Although it may look a little odd, all of the lipstick left on your finger will not be transferred to your teeth throughout the day.

Restore Your Favorite Polish

When your favorite nail polish begins to dry up and becomes nearly impossible to smoothly apply, add a splash of nail polish remover into the bottle. The chemicals loosen up the formula within the polish and make it good as new.

Make Your Scent Last

Ever feel like the scent of your perfume fades before even leaving the house? Apply a hint of Vaseline to your wrists and neck, spray your scent of choice and enjoy a fragrance that will last all day.

Bye, Bye Dry Feet

Heal dry, cracked feet while you sleep. If you don’t have time for a pedicure, simply apply some form of moisturizer to your feet and throw on some cozy socks. In the morning, reveal your smooth heels and toes.