21-year-old Ithaca Native Brings Boutique to Mount Pleasant

Story by Hailee Kaske

Video by Hailee Kaske & Devon Rademacher

Young and ambitious Ithaca native, Ollivia Macha, opened a women’s apparel boutique in downtown Mount Pleasant this summer.

The 21-year-old made her dreams come true by opening Le Fleur in her hometown of Ithaca in June 2016, and then another shop in Mount Pleasant in June 2017. Macha says she’s made it her mission to not only include affordable and on-trend pieces in her stores, but instill confidence in the customers that shop.

Macha said didn’t always have plans to open up a boutique. She attended school to be a dental assistant, but said she was unhappy. Her passion for fashion, and drive from her family helped her pursue her dream of Le Fleur, meaning “The Flower”.