4 for 20: Broiled Citrus Salmon

Although salmon is often considered a more classy or upscale dish, it can be easily prepared for a decent price. One of my favorite preparations of this fish is broiled. Now, I may not have a big, fancy, state-of-the-art restaurant broiler, but I do have a broiler in my oven that will work just as well.

Broiling a Salmon is simple and the only real time is preparation, which is quite easy. I am telling you all you will love this dish. Go to the store and go to the fresh fish area and ask them for salmon. I usually buy 1-½ pounds especially if it is on sale, and that is the amount but you’ll need for the recipe. They will slice it for you too — usually for free. Gather up the other ingredients and lets get started.

Go to gcmagTV to see the demonstration video.

Broiled citrus salmon:

•       2 Fresh Naval Oranges.
•       4-six ounce skinless fresh salmon fillets
•       Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
•       ½ cup of green onion tops chopped
•       ¼ teaspoon of butter or olive oil
•       Asparagus-15 stalks washed and cleaned


Preheat broiler on high. Line a large 9 by 13 sheet-pan with aluminum foil and spread butter or oil. Place salmon on pan. Place Asparagus around the edges of the salmon and pan and drizzle olive oil on fish and asparagus. Squeeze oranges generously over salmon. Season each fillet and asparagus with salt and pepper and top with sliced squeezed oranges with skin side up.

•       Two Naval Oranges $.66
•       24 ounces of Salmon $11.25
•       1 bunch of asparagus $2.25
•       Green onions $.33
•       Butter or olive oil $.25 or $.35
•       Rice side dish $ 2.00
Total: $16.51


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