A Noteworthy Binge: Doctor Who

If there ever was a show worthy of fandom, “Doctor Who” would be it.

This multi-generation, sci-fi fantasy is not only a staple to the British, but also began taking over audiences worldwide since its premiere in 2005.

There are two eras of “Doctor Who” – the original eight doctors, a fifteen year break and the newest era of nine to twelve doctors . Netflix offers both installments of the series, giving viewers an opportunity to start in 1960 or 2005, based on their interests.

In 2005, “Doctor Who” starts off with a cheesy, bubbly and lighthearted feeling while channeling a strange 1990s vibe through the setting and clothing. Many people are first uncomfortable with the filming style, but if viewers can look past the aesthetic and focus on the story, they will fall in love with the wildly sarcastic, goofy and haunted ninth doctor.

The show is about a man, (well, alien) who stole a Time and Relative Dimension in Space machine (TARDIS) from the locked vault of his home planet. The TARDIS is a machine that travels through time and space with no boundaries with its main goal to blend in with its surroundings. After an accident, it was stuck looking like a 1950s police box.

The only trouble is, in this species of Time Lords, they often encounter other more violent species who think humans are inferior beings and must be destroyed. The Doctor travels and corrects the wrongs with other species such as the Daleks, Cybermen, the Silence and Weeping Angels.

Many of the events are those of historical significance. The catch is, whenever his cells are attacked too heavily and he metaphorically dies, his cells spontaneously regenerate and he becomes a different person. So, if you don’t enjoy a certain doctor, his entire personality and appearance will change by the end of a few seasons.

“Doctor Who” presents many themes and with over 50 years on television, the plot and characters have evolved. The lessons taught throughout the series hit many viewers as they tend to be sentimental – the Doctor helps everyone he meets and struggles with his humanity. He questions his intent, while always helping his companions to realize their true potential and “their place in the universe.”

The Doctor and his friends are supportive of each other and come back whenever he needs their assistance as long as they are around. Rose, Jack, Mickey, Martha, Donna, Sarah, Amy, Rory, River and Clara all find their way to reach out to the Doctor, no matter the timeline.

A show running over the span of 50 years generates an abundance of television to enjoy, but if you want to start simple, each era is split on Netflix.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll be hooked in no time.