After the runway: THREADS Designer Malorie Urda

Find out about the behind the scenes look with THREADS designer Malorie Urda and read about her collection and future expectations.

She was inspired by the colors of Egypt and the elegance of which the women in that time dressed. She combined elegance with luxurious colors into the modern world with her four designs.

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Malorie Urda participated in the THREADS Fashion Show for the first time. Her models Emily Hall, Erika Vollman, Emily Stone, and Sam Addington walked like Egyptians down the runway in black with gold sequins.

“I absolutely loved being a part of Threads. I had a blast all weekend just getting to hang out with my fellow design friends and models,” Urda said. “The show went by super quick and my models and I had a fabulous time!”

She did not get to see the show last year because she was studying abroad in England. It was her first time seeing the show in McGuirk Arena and she was super impressed! She said the process had its flaws, which were to be expected, but overall everything was how she hoped it would be.

Urda is a junior with a double concentration major in apparel merchandising and design with an art minor.  She’s already excited to start designing for next year and to utilize design techniques from the  draping apparel class. Something that will make her next collection unique is her focus on using fabrics from New York City, which she hopes to purchase during her internship this summer.

“My favorite part was seeing my friends and family after and hearing all of their thoughts on the show and my line,” Urda said. “They were so excited and I could tell they were very proud of me.”

Threads has helped Urda gain some hands-on experience that companies have been excited about during interviews recently.

“I think the idea that I designed a collection of garments myself really pleased the companies and helped me get my internship,” Urda said. “I really just think that anyone who can sew at all should sign up for Threads because it is such a fantastic experience!”