Battle of the Bucks: P!nk v. Carly

If you are reading this right now, chances are you are a college student. If you are college kid, cash probably isn’t an ever-lasting supply. And even if you’re not in college, no one should waste their money on bad entertainment. Luckily, “Battle of the Bucks” is here to guide you to quality, help you settle the battle among your entertainment options and put out the burning hole in your pocket.

This week, pop artists Carly Rae Jensen and P!nk released new albums.  It’s important to mention I am neither fan nor foe of either; I like many forms of music, including pop. My comments are simply based off my impression and opinion of their albums.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s album “Kiss” came out September 18, and ears are bleeding everywhere. The two most recognized songs, “Call Me Maybeand “Good Timeare the best tracks on the record.  It’s disappointing none of the others have the same appeal of “Call Me Maybe.” The last five songs on the album including “Your Heart is a Muscle” and “Wrong Feels So Right” are almost embarrassingly bad. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish some of the songs.

Two of the songs, despite being mediocre, have the potential of being radio hits. “Beautiful,a duo with Justin Beiber, is a semi-catchy tune which will probably be a staple on the iPods of middle-school girls everywhere. The other potential hit, “Tonight I’m Getting Over You, is the type of jam that encourages a freshly broken heart to go clubbing. Though those songs have the potential to be popular, “Kiss” is an overall pretty unimpressive collection of auto-tuned songs.

However, P!nk’s album “The Truth About Lovewhich was released on September 20,  has become my new obsession. “The Truth About Loveis definitely P!nk’s best album to date. Most of her songs have a deep emotionalism that is rare in today’s music industry. While P!nk’s been known for her breakup albums, I feel the songs are overall more poetic than her previous tracks. “Slut like You” and “Here Comes the Weekend” gives the listeners some happy relief that is much needed.  “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” has been the track getting much radio air-time.

However, I feel the song doesn’t give “The Truth about Love” the justice it deserves. I feel that the recent hit is one of the weaker songs from the album and hope the radio will play one of the deeper songs soon. I really wasn’t sure what to expect for this album, but I am very impressed.

In this case the winner isn’t clear. Save your ears and bucks: Listen to “The Truth About Love” by P!nk. If you are law-abiding citizen (like me) who does not illegally download music, Spotify is a great option to listen to the album, if you can look past the pesky frequent ads.