Bring Back Summer, Get Beach Waves for Winter

The leaves may be falling, but your hair doesn't have to say goodbye to summer just yet. Learn about how to make your own surf spray to achieve that summer beach look just in time for winter.

The joys of summer are coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean your beautiful beachy hair has to! To keep up the warm sultry looks of summer, follow these tips and you’ll be set just in time for the snow.

To get the salty, just got home from the beach inspired waves, I use and would recommend this amazing recipe from Kate Achille at Hair Care Suite 101’s website:

8 to 10 fluid ounce clear spray bottle (try a beauty supply store, or even the dollar store)

8 ounces of water (have hard water? try something bottled for this recipe)

8 teaspoons of finely ground sea salt (more for super thick or oily-prone hair)

2-3 teaspoons of conditioner (prevents hair from drying out, try a coconut or tropical scent for that real beach feel)

1-2 teaspoons of hair gel (helps set the salty style without adding too much crunch)

 3-5 drops of essential oils (like jojoba or tea tree but totally optional)


 1.) Add the sea salt and water together in the spray bottle and shake until the salt appears to be completely dissolved.

2.) Once the salt and water are mixed, add the conditioner and hair gel along with any essential oils.

3.) Before use, shake the bottle vigorously to help the oil and water-based ingredients combine and spray over damp hair

4.) Give hair a quick, light scrunch to help the spray settle into waves. Allow hair to air-dry

5.) Keep the spray bottle somewhere cool and dry. Shelf-life should be about a year.

Other products recommended to buy for the dry winter season are:

  •  Moroccan Oil: Wonderful oil treatment for all hair types that creates shine and conditions. Rub it into damp hair and style as usual. It leaves your hair smooth and smelling of coconuts and vanilla. You can purchase it at for $15.
  • Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray: Beach spray that creates beautiful texture and beach inspired waves. It can be found online at or in stores, also for $23.
  • Beyond the Zone Rock On Dry Shampoo: takes away any appearance of grease and can be used at any time. It’s also much easier to use than baby powder. It can be purchased at most drug stores.

Lucky and plan on traveling this winter to somewhere warm and miss your naturally lightened hair? To keep the natural looking highlights from the summer sun that may have dulled from cold months, try these household ingredients suggested by Kori Ellis of She Knows Beauty and Style:

  • Lemons: Mix ¼ cup of lemon juice and ¾ cup of water into a spray bottle. Shampoo and condition hair. Spray the mixture onto hair and leave for two hours. Make sure to spend 30 minutes in the sun and avoid touching the lemon juice to your skin because it could cause blisters! Afterwards, condition hair again.
  • Olive Oil: Brush a generous amount of oil through your hair and sit in the sun for a half hour. This not only highlights your hair but moisturizes it too.
  • Beer: Believe it or not, beer is a natural lightener too. Use a light colored product such as Corona. Empty four bottles into a bucket or some type of bowl and dip your hair in. Sit in the sun for an hour and rinse. Condition after.


Interested in learning more? Visit  DIY Sea Salt Hair Kate Achille