Classic Christmas Movies To Watch During Christmas Break

Story by Emerald Blain

Graphic by Kendall Reid

For many college students, December is a time for finals, projects and late night study sessions. However, after all of the craziness fades, it’s that lovely time of holiday cheer with Christmas traditions right around the corner.

The holidays are a time of tradition and nostalgia, and there’s no better way to feel like a kid again than to dig out those old Christmas movies that everyone loves to watch. Brush the dust off them and enjoy some holiday tradition that the whole family can love!

These movies are a favorite among children and adults alike and have earned their place as true Christmas tradition.

1. The Polar Express
This movie about a boy taking a train to the North Pole is sure to reawaken the child in everyone. Without a doubt, this movie is a true Christmas classic and nearly everyone has seen it before.

2. A Christmas Story
We’ve all had a Christmas present in mind around the holidays, and the main character in this movie is no exception. This beloved holiday movie is perfect for the family to enjoy and reminisce on good Christmas memories.

3. Home Alone
Home Alone was a very popular movie upon release and with good reason. This hilarious story has something that the entire family can enjoy, it’s popularity among viewers allowing it to spark a few sequels.

4. Elf
While this movie came out in 2003, it quickly became a hit among viewers, earning it a place in classic Christmas tradition. This film sends a great message of discovering who you are and where you fit in with a lot of great humor.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas
It is often debated on whether this movie is meant for Christmas or Halloween; the real answer is both! There is never a wrong time to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, as this film mixes both spooky and heartwarming adventure and has easily made its impact on holiday tradition.

This holiday, consider watching some of these classics for a fun family event.