CMU Film Society Attends Chicago Film Festival

Story and photos by Katie Sergent

The Central Michigan University Film Society took a leap and travelled to the famed Chicago International Film Festival.

Film Society at The Bean; photo courtesy of the CMU Film Society.

CMU’s Film Society is an RSO on campus that creates student led movies and teaches those interested how to work with cameras, how to write, draw storyboards and have fun while building a community of movie lovers.

This year, the Chicago International Film festival entered its 52nd year and continues to hold the title of America’s longest running film festival. The film festival runs from Oct. 10-21 and offers close to 100 movies from across the globe, varying in genre and rating.

During their trip, the CMU Film Society not only viewed movies at the festival, but traveled all over town to try new food or visit various attractions that the city has to offer.

Junior Hunter Hall says that he had an incredible time at the film festival.

“The film festival has been a lot of fun,” Hall said. “It’s been really cool being in Chicago, and getting the opportunity to see these films that you might not usually get to see.

Hall said the movie he saw at the festival was called “Jumpman.” He really enjoyed the film because he can relate to the main character of the movie, who cannot feel anything.

Hall said his favorite memory of the trip has been walking around with and getting to know other members of the film society. He also says that he enjoyed getting to talk about movies, what he and members of film society want to accomplish this year and making friends with everyone.

Film Society inside the Chicago Athletic Association Building; photo courtesy of the CMU Film Society.

Journalism student Riley Connell says that this is the first time she has ever been to a film festival.

“I like that it’s really bringing people together, and it’s really bringing our group together,” Connell said. “It’s definitely helped me grow closer with a lot of other people in our group, and it has fulfilled my curiosity about international films.”

Connell saw a Japanese horror movie called “Liverleaf.”

“It was very different than our horror movies,” Connell said. “It was definitely enjoyable, and it was nice to see another culture through the scope of film.”

Ms. Connell states that her favorite memory of the trip is her visit to the bean in Millennium park, saying “It wasn’t that the bean was the greatest thing ever to see, it was just that we did a lot of talking and bonding and picture taking as a bigger group and it was awesome. It was definitely a good time.”

The CMU Film Society meets on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in Moore 201.