CMU Men’s winter fashion

Story by Megan Mearnic 

Photos by Maddi Hill

On cold winter days in Mount Pleasant, CMU students love to show off their warmest winter fashion.

Jack Turpen is a freshman majoring in fashion design and minoring in leadership.

His style varies depending on what the occasion is.

“I dress differently for school than I would dress when I’m going out.”

Turpen likes to make bold fashions statements through jewelry, by layering necklaces and adding rings.

“I get most of my style inspiration from Emma Chamberlain and runway shows,” Turpen said.  I constantly watch runway shows to see what designers are doing and in return, it helps  me  with my creative process.”

Turpen is currently involved in FAMD, a fashion RSO on campus.

“The best part about being a part of FAMD is being in a room full of people who get excited about fashion,” Turpen said.

When asked about the fashion design program he described the program as being very intense but in a good way.

“It’s a very serious program, there is a lot of hands-on experience. Everyone is there to help you succeed and have you be happy with the work you create,” he said.

Senior Pablo Covarrubias is a fashion design major with a merchandising minor.  

His style is very unbiased.

“I like to separate my style of how I dress from the work I create,” Covarrubias said.

His biggest style inspiration comes from denim. In 2017 Covarrubias went to Zacatecas in southern Mexico and everyone was wearing denim, he was in awe of how amazing the quality was.

He is currently the FAMD SGA representative.

“What attracted me to this organization was the people. Everyone is very genuine and down to earth,” he said.

Covarrubias came into the fashion program thinking fashion was one thing but it turned out to be the exact opposite.

“Suffering builds character,” he said.

He had to learn to get out of his comfort zone as a designer and grow.

“I’m graduating this year from this program, and I am leaving a different person than who started and I can’t be more proud of myself,” Covarrubias said.