CMU Student “Fulfills” His Life With Clothing Brand

Story by Allison Lindsey and Chanda Crenshaw
Photo by Chanda Crenshaw 

Attend class by day, performing in shows and run a self-started clothing brand by night – this is an average day for 23-year-old Central Michigan University senior, Brandon Horton.

The Starting of a Line
The exercise science student and rapper started his clothing line, Fulfilled, last October. The line officially launched in April.

“I knew that now was the time to start when I realized I was second guessing myself. I finally got rid of all those feelings and just stepped out on faith. I decided that now was the place and time,” Horton said.

Some of Fulfilled pieces are hoodies, crew necks, tee shirts, hats and socks. The brand’s current best selling product is the “90’s tee”, a solid colored shirt with a colorful Fulfilled logo across the bottom. Some products Horton said he’s working on are joggers and bomber jackets.

Horton said he likes to be comfortable everyday, and loves wearing cotton clothing. He figured that his customers and supporters should enjoy the comfort as well.

He is fond of the urban, street look which consists of ripped jeans and hoodies, and this is what you will find Horton wearing most often.

Personal Branding

You will typically catch Horton around campus wearing his merch – a Fulfilled tee shirt and hat is Horton’s outfit of choice.

As for the future of the brand, Horton hopes to expand. For now, Fulfilled is based only online. Horton has plans to start a store in his hometown, Flint, and grow from there.

Not Just Clothing Creativity
Horton has always been a huge fan of hip-hop, and illustrates his passion through rapping.

Some artists that inspire Horton are Michael Jackson, Jay Z, J Cole and Tupac. He wants to give his listeners the same feelings these artists give him.

“I love how you can paint pictures with their lyrics so vividly that I can close my eyes and easily image what they said as if I [was] there myself,” Horton said.

Making music that sounds good isn’t Horton’s biggest goal. Making listeners happy by lifting their mood and touching their heart is what Horton considers a success.

Fufilled Dreams
Although Horton has a busy life trying to complete his degree here at CMU and prepare for his wedding coming up this June, the rapper still makes time to “fulfill” his dreams.

“Fulfilled stuck with me. Find your purpose, do it for the love and get fulfilled.”

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