CMU Students Show Off Their Trendy Nail Colors

Story by Jakara Bullard

There are plenty of nail designs and colors geared toward the winter season to try out before the weather gets warmer. Greens, reds, browns, soft pinks and sparkly glitters are the perfect way to go!

Despite the weather conditions, Central Michigan University students are still heading to the nail salon to get a fresh manicure.

CMU senior Loreal Nix loves to wear cool toned nail polishes during the winter time.

Photo courtesy of Loreal Nix

Some colors she raves about are burgundy, winter forest green and medallion yellow. She even enjoys getting her nails designed specifically for the holiday season.

Photo courtesy of Loreal Nix

She does advise that people steer away from certain colors because she feels that certain colors are meant for specific seasons.

“Some nail colors I think people should try not to wear during this time are neon greens, pinks and yellows because they are not considered winter colors due to their brightness,” Nix said.

She also shares how often she goes back to the nail salon to get a fresh set.

“I get my nails done at least once a month and I do the dip manicure method so that I don’t have to constantly go back,” Nix said.

Photo courtesy of Loreal Nix

CMU senior Brianna Hatch prides on wearing warm tone colors and neutral colors during this season.

Photo courtesy of Brianna Hatch

“I usually always choose warm or neutral colors when it is colder outside because I think that they just fit great with the weather. But I do try to spice it up and add some designs as well.” Hatch said.

She believes that keeping your nails done is important because it can be relaxing and fun to get something different every time.

Photo courtesy of Brianna Hatch

“I try to get my nails done about once or twice a month during the winter,” Hatch said.

So, the next time you’re planning to head to the nail salon, try one of these suggested colors.