CMU Writing Center Benefits Students and Employees

Story and Photos by Hunter Dood

The Writing Center at Central Michigan University employs students and graduate students to help assist writers with their work, and the workers aren’t there to just work. They genuinely want to help writers improve and become more confident in their work.”Writing is very important in developing your thinking and expressing your thinking,”Associate Director of the Writing Center, Lori Rogers said.

“We feel like the writing center offers an extra opportunity to do the best you can and to be as successful as you can be,” Rogers said.

Senior Mark Elgersma works in the Anspach Writing Center. He is currently applying to become a graduate assistant in the Writing Center. Elgersma joined the writing center because of his love for writing.”I’m constantly learning,” Elgersma said. “When helping others, it actually helps me as well.”

Writing Center student employee Mark Elgersma.

The staff also enjoy the relationships they develop over the course of their career. “I worked with a student applying for graduate school a few semesters ago,” graduate assistant Benjamin Kazava said. “They came in a couple months later and said that they were accepted, so knowing I was able to help them out felt good.”

Writing Center Graduate Assistant Benjamin Kazava.

Kazava said that the Writing Center had over 3,000 appointments last semester.”We believe that any writer benefits from feedback,” Rogers said. “We have highly trained consultants who work here.”

For students who need assistance with their writing take advantage of CMU’s service as it is free. The university has three different locations: Park Library 360, Anspach 154 and The Towers (Wheeler Hall basement). CMU also offers an online writing center.