CMU’s Convo and Cookies Event!

Story and photos by Samantha Hall

The Women’s Initiative of Strength and Hope (W.I.S.H.) is a student organization that support women throughout the campus of Central Michigan University and meet every other Monday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM at Kulhavi 141. 

Each meeting is a new theme, with their previous being Galentines Day. This time, the theme was Convo and Cookies, a fun way for individuals to get out of their comfort zones and have conversations with new people while creating tasty treats. 

Madison Grantlyng, sophomore at CMU, says that her favorite part about the Convo and Cookies Event was “Just chilling, making cookies, art, and also talking with other people.”  

Grantlyng also says that one of the many interesting conversations that they had was about the school; what they want to change about it, what they like about it, and how others can get more involved on campus.  

“This event was themed around getting to know people, so we have some prompts up, like questions if you didn’t know what to talk about, didn’t know anybody, and wanted to make some new friends.” says Janay Johnson, the host of W.I.S.H. 

When asked about an interesting conversation they all had, Johnson said that they talked about what they like to do to relax. Everyone at the table said the same thing, they love to sleep.

Johnson also pointed out that she had brought only one shaker of sprinkles for everyone to use. While she regretted not buying more, she pointed out that only having one shaker for the entire table prompted the participants to share and talk with each other.  

W.I.S.H. is an organization that often does arts and crafts in their community, which is why the Convo and Cookies event was a great way for others to do something fun while getting out of their comfort zone.