Craft Beer of the Week: Autumn Ale

As I peeked through my window this morning and saw a fine layer of snow covering everything I could see, I recoiled in horror knowing fat-guy summer – also known as fall – was now over.

But thankfully, in the world of beer, it doesn’t have to be.

Behold Autumn Ale, an extra special and extra bitter ale brewed locally by Short’s Brewing Company in Elk Rapids, Michigan.

Giving the middle finger to winter, this majestic autumn delight is just what the doctor ordered to shake away gloominess of the turning season.

Be warned though, this is a bitter ale all the way to its core – so if you don’t like brews with a robust bitter taste, you may want to pass this particular ale up next time you’re searching for something new to try.

Every sip of the its bitter flavor lingers for minutes after swallowed, making this a beer that can be enjoyed for a very long time.

Autumn Ale is as thick as maple syrup, and while other bitter beers have a tendency to taste watered down, there is no danger of that with this delectable concoction.

If you’re looking for a flavorful brew created right here in the mitten, look no further. Autumn Ale is just what you are looking for.