Craft Beer of the Week: Sotto Voce

Like Greenbush’s Sotto Voce bottle claims, some things are best left unsaid.

For those moments when your mouth needs to stay out of trouble, this American pale wheat ale, with its lightly spiced and citrus taste, is sure to distract you from whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Try pouring the 12-ounce bottle straight into a pint glass in order to get the best aromatic experience. This beer is brewed with plenty of fresh orange juice and spices, like cardamom and black peppercorn, for a zesty aftertaste. It weighs in at 6.3 percent alcohol by volume and is only available in limited quantities – so get yours while you can.

“Sotto voce” translates from Italian to “talking in a low voice,” so if talking must be done, this product from Greenbush is a good reminder to speak softly (while carrying a great beer, of course).