Dear Me: A Letter to Myself on College, Life and Graduation

I’m in my final semester at Central Michigan University, and I have to tell you something I’ve heard many people say but I refused to believe: it’s terrifying. Searching for “big girl” jobs seems like another class because it is so time consuming.

But here’s the catch: I’m way more excited than I am scared. Yes, I have no idea where I’ll be in four months – but isn’t that the beauty of it? I could end up in Michigan or maybe living my big city dreams somewhere across the nation. Maybe even in another country.

I’ve been reminiscing on my past three-and-a-half years here, and not to sound too sentimental, but they’ve been amazing. I did, however, realize a few things I might have done differently.

Dear freshman me,

Join a club! It’s great that you are spending time getting to know people and making new friends, but *spoiler alert* you’ll also make friends in clubs who are interested in the same things you are.

Dear sophomore me,

This is your most memorable year. You learned a lot about yourself because you traveled to another country with people you barely knew. Who knew some of those same people would become your best friends?

Dear junior me,

Don’t be such a worry wart! Yes, stress is just a part of who you are, but make some tea and relax. The internship search is scary, but it works out. Go out and have fun more. It’s okay to not be looking for an internship 24/7.

Dear senior me,

This is it. Enjoy it, because it’s going fast. Almost faster than you could’ve imagined. Do your homework and get enough sleep, but remember to have fun. In a few short months, this will be over and you’ll officially be part of the real world. Scary, right?