Dorm Room DIY: Scrunchies

Story by Rachel Bednarz , photos by Riley Connell

From denim jackets to choker necklaces, and overalls to Mickey Mouse sweaters, the streets today mimic classic pictures from the nineties.  Scrunchies are one of many trends from the 90s  that have made a comeback in recent years. Here is how you can make your own classic scrunchie on a college sized budget.

To make your own scrunchie you will need:

  • Fabric of your choice. This could be an old t-shirt or sheet, or some fabric you pick up at a local craft store like Jo-Ann Fabrics.
  • Something to measure with, whether it be a ruler or tape measure
  • Scissors
  • A hair tie or elastic
  • Pins
  • A needle and thread

Step One

Lay your fabric of choice flat and cut it down to a rectangle approximately 6 x 17 inches.

Step Two

Wrap your fabric around a hair tie, with the “pretty” side of the fabric facing inwards, creating the basic shape of the scrunchie. Line the edges of the fabric up together and use pins to hold the fabric in place before you begin sewing.

Step Three

Begin sewing the edges of your scrunchie together, removing the pins as you approach them. After completing this step, you may be left with some extra fabric due to uneven cutting or pinning, go ahead and cut that off.

Step Four

After sewing the edges of your scrunchie, you will be left with an inside-out version of what you want around your hair tie. Turn your scrunchie right-side-in.

Step Five

Your scrunchie is now in the shape of a “tube.” Fold the edges of the tube inward so that a smooth side faces the outside.

Step Six

Use pins to hold the folds from step five in place, and sew the smooth edges of the tube together.

Step Seven

Show off your new piece to the world!