Every Girl Should Own: The perfect gift for a guy

Listen up ladies.

With the holiday season in full swing—complete with cheesy commercials and black-out sales—present exchanges and holiday parties are looming, and all you girls need to be prepared to find the perfect gift for the guys is in your life.

Though many people have already purchased most of their gifts, some of us, me included, are just staring to meander through stores in search of the perfect present. My last minute gift giving tendencies have taught me a lot about picking out appropriate presents; I can find the perfect piece of jewelry for any girl in a major department store in less than 10 minutes. With that kind of knowledge you would expect that I, being a boy myself, could pick out presents for guys no problem; you would be wrong. They are just so … difficult. However, I have found some go-to ideas over the years that can make gifting for any guy much easier.

Watches are great for almost any guy over the age of 14. They can be found in assortment of colors and styles at a variety of prices that can fit any budget. I recommend simple watches with silver accents instead of gold (most guys don’t own much gold, so silver is easier to match). These watches will go with almost anything, and are useful as well as stylish. Watch out for watches with the metal link bands, most places that sell them will fit the watch to your guys wrist, but they are not self-adjustable. If you don’t want to deal with all that fuss look for something with a leather band.

Grooming products or fragrances are also a great gift choice for many guys. Generally, guys don’t spend very much on their self-grooming, so buying them a nice shave or skin care set is often much appreciated. I recommend Kiehls brand for skin care and The Art of Shaving for shave sets. Both are “luxury” products that work very well, and will keep your guy looking great. Fragrance can be a little trickier to buy, because not every guy likes the same scents. I would take a look around his bathroom and smell what colognes he already has to try and get a feel for what scents he prefers. My personal favorite is La Nuit De L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent, it has a nice musky scent with hints of citrus and sandal wood that aren’t too thick and don’t smell like girl.
Scarves and wallets are also great gifts to pick up for any guy.  Again, guys don’t tend to spend much money on non-necessary things like accessories, so they will use both of these items a lot. When picking out the right scarf for a guy, it is important to keep his personal style in mind—just because you like it doesn’t mean he will. I recommend knit scarves in neutral colors that come in mid-lengths. These scarves will keep your guy warm and go with everything, and the mid-length ensures that it doesn’t look too feminine.  Wallets are a little simpler, just make sure you pick out one that has a nice finish and will stay intact. Look to stores like Coach and Fossil for good quality and timeless style. No stylish guy wants a wallet that has velcro or has a chain that connects to his pants.

Shopping for guys isn’t always easy, but if you go in with a good idea and are determined to find something he will love, you will succeed without a doubt. 


Photo credit: http://www.chicintuition.com