Every Guy Should Own: Accessories as necessities

With temperatures dipping into the 30s and another Michigan winter on the way, our cold-weather wardrobes are becoming more and more useful.

For guys, dressing in cold weather is pretty straightforward: pants, boots, shirt, jacket, and so on. It’s easy to get caught up in comfort and let yourself fall into constantly wearing something plain. For the guy who’s looking to spruce up his autumn look, I suggest playing around with some cold-weather accessories that will keep you warm and add some flair to your everyday style.

Look for some funky socks to add a little flair to your feet. Target has some great pairs of long, thick socks in assorted colors and styles that will keep your feet warm and interesting. Adding some fun socks can lighten up your entire look.

Don’t be afraid of scarves. A lot of guys avoid scarves and think they are too feminine, but the right scarf can add some much needed composure and flair to a dull outfit. Avoid scarves that are too loud and bright; they tend to come off a little girly. Look for ones that have small patterns and come in colors that will be easy to mix and match.  Also, experiment with how to tie and knot your scarf. I recommend tying it the way you would a tie, but a little looser.

Gloves are important too, so don’t forget them. A lot of retailers are introducing these really great gloves that are compatible with touch-screen phones, so you can text without having to take them off and freeze your fingers. I recommend investing in that type, along with some thick ski-style gloves for later in winter. These thicker gloves will prevent the cold from chapping your hands and keep you warm and comfortable when walking to class.

Don’t go crazy with hats. Headwear is one of the few places menswear gets a little out of hand, and I would recommend keeping flair to a minimum there. Pick a hat in a neutral color that doesn’t draw too much attention and keeps your head warm; it will look a lot better and more mature than hats with pompoms and fringe all over.

Pick out some sturdy boots that will be easy to pair with outfits. Having adequate footwear is essential when it comes to cold weather, but you shouldn’t be picking out something ugly or obnoxious just because they will keep your feet warm. A lot of guys choose some sort of work boots for winter, which may keep your feet warm, but ultimately look unattractive. I recommend looking in a department store for some waterproof boots that come up above the ankle and come in neutral colors like black, gray, or brown, but don’t invest in plastic or cheap pairs.

So, next time you’re looking to spruce up your outfit or try something new, keep these ideas in mind. No one wants to look plain or uninteresting, so keep your look fun (and warm) and don’t be afraid to sport accessories.


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