Fashion Meets Tech: Cell Phone Glam

Fashion is a no-holds-barred industry, where everything goes and less is rarely more. When it comes to accessorizing, anything within reach could fall victim to a fashionista’s ­­­­need for a little extra ‘ooh la la.’ And what do the sassy and stylin’ reach for most often? That little device we hate to love (but do anyway) — the cell phone.

Decked-out tech is the name of the game for Millennials. Every major designer from Kate Spade to Michael Kors has a line dedicated specifically to tech accessories. It doesn’t stop with just phones, though. Computers, iPads, chargers, headphones — just being functional won’t cut it; they have to be fashionable too.

Looking to make a statement with your technology? Websites like and Swoozies are a one-stop-shop for the best and brightest in high fashion for techies. Both sites carry cases, chargers and other accessories to make the most of your mobile sidekick. Before you shop, check out this breakdown on a few feisty finds (say that five times fast, would ya?) we love.

The Monogrammed One

Personalized gadgets are trés chic in the tech world. Not sure if that’s totally vain or if everyone just really wants the world to know which iPhone is theirs. Either way, it’s a fashion do.

The Glitzy One

Diamonds (cough, rhinestones, cough) are a girl’s best friend, right? Why not rock them while you’re rockin’ out. A bedazzled pair of headphones might be just the push you need to make it those last two minutes on the treadmill.

The Designer One

Want something with a little face value? Your wish is the inter-web’s command. The newest fashions can be found on a designer’s home website. But for those ladies ballin’ on a budget, eBay and Amazon carry designer cases at broke girl prices.

Phone cases
Fashion isn’t just for clothes anymore. (Photo | Claire Abendroth)

None of these tickle your fancy? Fear not. There are literally thousands of choices out there. Next time you’re out shopping till you drop, take a gander down the gadget aisle and pick up a little something for the techie in you.