Fashion show celebrates Black History Month with a surprise theme

Story by Amanda Kim

Photos by Maddie Lajewski

As February wraps up, Central Michigan University celebrated Black History Month to recognize African American achievements and their critical role in U.S. history. Campus events like movie showings, open discussions, and the Tunnel of Oppression have been occurring throughout the month of February to educate students on black history and important issues. 

The Organization for Black Unity Fashion Show is a student organization on campus that provides a cultural experience through fashion by hosting the OBU Fashion Show. Its mission is to bring unity among the diverse cultures on CMU’s campus. The annual event gives black students a platform to be able to model and be on stage.

Ahlexis Cole, President and co-head director, hopes to host more OBU Fashion Show events “that will continue to bring CMU’s campus together, and reach out to the surrounding communities to promote unity abroad.” 

This year, the organization hosted its 22 annual fashion show at the Plachta Auditorium on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 6:30 p.m. 

The OBU Fashion Show showcased 36 CMU students representing diversity and culture through fashion, music, and dance. The theme of the fashion show was “And the category is…” This meant that attendees would not know the categories until the actual show time. Each scene was a different surprise category. 

Makayla Smith, co-head director of this year’s event, says “students can’t even get an idea of what to expect because it is so different from other shows in the past. The theme itself is a mystery… You have to come and find out!”