Favorite Winter Activities 

A group of trees covered in snow

Story and pictures by Samantha Hall 

While many on campus are anticipating the day when everyone can shed their winter coats and feel the warmth of spring, many enjoy the activities and traditions that the winter season holds.  

Whether it’s the celebration of Christmas and The New Year or sitting by the window watching the snow gently fall outside, winter provides many exclusive experiences.  

Personally, my favorite thing about the winter season is celebrating Christmas with my family and watching the snowfall. The beauty of winter can be so breathtaking it’s hard to pull myself away from the window.  

Other students on campus were asked what their favorite thing about winter was. For some, the weather is rather new based on where they come from.  

“I have international friends, they love {winter} too because it’s very new for us…in Ecuador, we don’t have seasons, like it’s rainy time or sunny time…the lowest we get is 55 degrees,” says graduate student Erick Tinitana from Ambato, Ecuador. Tinitana also says that he loves to take walks to enjoy the scenery.  

A building with a tree in the snow

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Not only does the wintery time provide beautiful ice and snow, but it can also allow opportunities for fun activities that one can only engage in during this season. Sledding, snowboarding, skiing, and many other activities bring a sense of excitement. 

“I like to go skiing. I just like to be outside, I like the cold,” says freshman Allison Gaedcke from China, Michigan. Gaedcke also looks forward to the snowfall. “The more snow, the better the skiing is.” 

A group of trees in a snowy field

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Sarah Gardner from Sunbury, Ohio looks forward to snuggling up and staying warm, as well as “Drinking hot chocolate and watching TV with my roommate. I like watching the snow…it’s so peaceful.” Gardner also says the thing she dislikes about winter is all the ice on the ground, a hazard for those walking on campus as well as those driving. 

When the desire for springtime begins to grow, perhaps it would be best to think about some positive things that the winter season brings forth.